Property Maintenance & Skylight Cleaning

Skylight Cleaning

The very nature of skylights, that it is, being on roofs, calls for professionals to undertake this work, and professionals only!

It is essential to keep roof lights clean. Exposure to the elements, bird droppings, tree sap, and general airborne grime will reduce the light penetration and can eventually permanently discolour the skylight.

A dirt layer on the surface of the skylight, given the suns light and warmth become a breeding area for algae and potential black spot staining.

These stains can, if addressed in time by professionals, be removed by using solution, scrubbing and pressure washing. The very fact of having skylights cleanliness maintained, will allow maximum natural light levels to enter the building, thus offsetting the cleaning costs against the energy consumption rate.

Safety must always be first, regarding any work to do with roofs, and specialist equipment and tools are used.

A variety of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are used such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts and a host of boom and mast type lifts.

These will allow access to skylights without exposure to possible roof fragilities, and help to ensure the safety of others, reducing the possibility of danger from falling debris of tools or other materials.

Each and every building is different, but solutions for access to skylights can be found even if it means approaching them from abseiling or rope access.

Rope access is obviously a highly specialised method of cleaning and those involved will be trained and accredited to the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, (IRATA), which naturally is fully HSE compliant. This method is often useful to clean dirt from skylights which accumulates on the inside.