Apprenticeships Today

Looking at Apprenticeships Today

England, it would seem, is unlikely to raise the status of apprenticeships to that achieved in say, Germany, or Austria, but Government determination and innovation seems to bearing some considerable fruits.

To see where the latest projections of new Government policy are heading by the year 2020, perhaps a brief look at recent progress.

Apprenticeships provide craft, technical and Continue reading Apprenticeships Today

Drink & Being Drunk in Charge Offences

What is Drunk in Charge?

The offence of being drunk in charge is most commonly used in circumstances when you are found parked in your vehicle, with the keys in your possession while in excess of the drinking and driving limit.

It is not unusual for people to choose to sleep in their cars in preference to driving after consuming too much alcohol, but this is fraught with difficulties, because if you have Continue reading Drink & Being Drunk in Charge Offences

House Building Not Meeting Demand

The UK Needs More House Building

As the Second World War came to an end, it became clear where domestic policies must prioritise, notably in providing new homes.

For the duration of the war, house construction had all but stopped, and bombing had left a sizeable proportion of urban housing damaged or destroyed.

In addition, much Victorian housing was considered inadequate, unsanitary and Continue reading House Building Not Meeting Demand

Property Maintenance & Skylight Cleaning

Skylight Cleaning

The very nature of skylights, that it is, being on roofs, calls for professionals to undertake this work, and professionals only!

It is essential to keep roof lights clean. Exposure to the elements, bird droppings, tree sap, and general airborne grime will reduce the light penetration and can eventually permanently discolour the skylight.

A dirt layer on the surface of the skylight, given the suns light and warmth become a breeding area for Continue reading Property Maintenance & Skylight Cleaning

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